Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween pics

Happy Halloween y'all!
Just had to share some cute pictures of my kiddos in their costumes,
ready for our trunk-or-treat Saturday night.
This year they chose Spiderman and a Fairy Princess.
Grace started out as a ballerina,
then moved to fairy,
but couldn't quite leave out the princess,
so we ended up combing them all!
Joshua wanted to be Spiderman from the very beginning.
I even offered to buy him the little fancier costume with the muscles,
but he wanted this one and nothing else.
Easy Peasy...all I had to do was sew a tutu,
and once the tulle and I fought it out,
it wasn't too bad! :)
I love seeing them all dressed up and excited for the holiday!
And I was glad we got some pictures before Grace biffed it while running across the yard and got dirt from her chin to her knees! :) There is always something!

Too Cute!
Hope you had a fun Halloween!