Monday, March 10, 2008

My Happy Boy

This is a page that I finished on Saturday and it has a cute story that goes with it, so I thought I would share :) I had this page mostly finished but was still trying to think of a title that I liked for it. I was thinking of calling it "My Happy Boy" but I hadn't decided for sure. (I know, it's silly, but I'm not very good w/ words, and I like my pages to have good titles, so sometimes it's a long process for me!) Anyway, I had to run some errands and when we were at the store this lady came up and was talking to Joshua. Then she turns to me and says "he's such a happy boy, isn't he?" What a coincidence!! I had to agree with her, of course, because Joshua is definitely our happy boy. So . . . that became the title of this page :)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A new blog!!

So I've decided to be brave and start another blog!! I thought that since I have been doing well enough at keeping up with the other one that I could attempt a second. This blog is for displaying, as the title says, "a few of my favorite things." Mostly it's for showing some of my crafty things I've been working on for those who are interested in some ideas, but also for sharing funny little moments from my MOST favorite thing, my family!!

And here is that adorable family now! This is one of my most loved photos from the past couple of weeks!

These are a couple of favorite scrapbook layouts that I have completed recently. I have a goal to do at least three layouts a week, and to be honest, I've failed miserably lately, but not to worry, I'm back on the job! :)