Sunday, April 20, 2008

A week of projects

Here are a few more projects for this week. I got them all done, but I'm exhausted! Seems I have to chose between my fun projects or sleep these days. . . .
All of these were for the AC Bailey challenges again. The challenge runs eight weeks, but since we will be living in Amarillo for the last couple weeks of it, I am trying to get as much done as possible now!

This was what I made for the altered art challenge. I altered a plain white sign board that can be hung on the wall. It worked out rather conveniently, too, because I needed a five dollar gift for Bunko last week, and this board was five dollars. How about that? My friend Carri won it, and, as sad as I was to have to part with it, she has a beautiful home and it matched her decor perfectly, so it will look a lot better there than in my apartment :)
This is my layout of pictures of Grace from when she was 6 weeks old. WHERE ON EARTH HAS THE TIME GONE?!? Hard to believe that this sweet little baby now climbs everything and runs everywhere.
The layout was for a challenge to put ten flowers of various types and sizes on one layout. I was afraid it would be overkill on the flowers, but I quite like it! :)

This layout was for a challenge to put some type of stitching (hand, machine, or faux) on your layout. Not sure it's my favorite, but I guess you can't love 'em all!

This was for the unique technique challenge, so my unique technique was to dry emboss and sand the background paper. I really like this one as well, but it's hard not to with pictures as sweet as those!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just a few new things :)

Just a couple of my latest pages. Actually, come to think of it, these are the only latest pages, since I've been working on a few other projects this week!
The two layouts of Joshua are for the AC Bailey Challenge again. It has been lost of fun, getting me to think outside the box and learn some new scrapbooking ideas. Since Katie asked for more info, here's how it works:
For eight weeks the design team members at AC Bailey post a new mini lesson and challenge every week. We then have the next week to finish it and upload our layout to their online gallery. We earn "badges" for each challenge we complete. There are also several extra credit badges that can be earned and badges for posting on their boards, etc. In the end, the top three people with the most badges earn money to spend on AC Bailey product (although they actually sell product from companies that are already on the market, such as Making Memories, American Crafts, etc, not their own line of product). Anyway, I'm giving it my best shot and having fun doing it!
P.S. Becky, hope you don't mind the little bit of free advertising! :)
Isn't it crazy how Joshua has changed in three years!! They grow too fast!!

These are the cards we made at my monthly card club! We used Close To My Heart's new creative basic paper pack (with the exception of the blue card, it's from another pack. Had to have a male graduation cards for my friends who have husbands graduating from Law School. YAY!!). It has such fun colors and patterns, I thought the cards turned out very fun!

Oh, and one last bit of fun news! My layout posted on the last post, the one with the Yellowstone pics, was chosen as the layout of the week on the AC Bailey website!! I'm quite honored! I have to admit, I quite like it, too!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I did it again!!

Another week of accomplishing my goal!! Maybe this blogging thing is good for me after all . . . :)

This first one is for a challenge I'm doing online with the company called AC Bailey. My friend Becky is on their Design Team and told me about it. It's been a lot of fun! Anyway, this first page is for their 5+ photos on one page challenge. I'm lovin' it!!

This next one is just some pictures of me and Grace right after she was born. I love these pictures!

And this last one is another challenge page. This time the challenge was to do a layout with White space. Definitely NOT my forte, it was so hard for me to do!! But I have to say, I really love the way it turned out!

So that is my fun for this last week!

Sorry the descriptions don't go with the right picture. Forgot to change the setting before I typed all of this, and I'm certainly not going back to fix it now :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

3 a week!!

I originally started this blog because I have been thinking of applying to do some stuff for a magazine or something and a lot of the applications ask if you have a blog for your artwork. I thought that sounded like a fun idea, so here I am! I have also found that this has helped me stick to my goal of doing at least 3 pages a week because now I have a place to show them to others!!

This first page is of our honeymoon! Seems like forever ago! We were given a new camera for our wedding and so we were trying to figure it out and we really didn't get that many pictures that weren't blurry. At least it made for a nice quick page!

These pictures are of Joshua's first experiences with "real" food! He was a stinker about food! It was fun to relive those memories! Oh, and don't worry, I'm really not this far behind, I just don't scrapbook in order. Of course, that doesn't mean I'm not behind, just not quite this far behind! :)