Sunday, April 20, 2008

A week of projects

Here are a few more projects for this week. I got them all done, but I'm exhausted! Seems I have to chose between my fun projects or sleep these days. . . .
All of these were for the AC Bailey challenges again. The challenge runs eight weeks, but since we will be living in Amarillo for the last couple weeks of it, I am trying to get as much done as possible now!

This was what I made for the altered art challenge. I altered a plain white sign board that can be hung on the wall. It worked out rather conveniently, too, because I needed a five dollar gift for Bunko last week, and this board was five dollars. How about that? My friend Carri won it, and, as sad as I was to have to part with it, she has a beautiful home and it matched her decor perfectly, so it will look a lot better there than in my apartment :)
This is my layout of pictures of Grace from when she was 6 weeks old. WHERE ON EARTH HAS THE TIME GONE?!? Hard to believe that this sweet little baby now climbs everything and runs everywhere.
The layout was for a challenge to put ten flowers of various types and sizes on one layout. I was afraid it would be overkill on the flowers, but I quite like it! :)

This layout was for a challenge to put some type of stitching (hand, machine, or faux) on your layout. Not sure it's my favorite, but I guess you can't love 'em all!

This was for the unique technique challenge, so my unique technique was to dry emboss and sand the background paper. I really like this one as well, but it's hard not to with pictures as sweet as those!


Bryan & Janelle Guymon said...


Your stuff is so cute! I sure enjoy your creative skills and think you do wonderful work. I know you enjoy my posts so I hopefully this will help you have a great night.


Crystal said...

I am so impressed with your creativity! What a great way to learn new skills! I love that little family sign! Your pages are so cute! I can't believe how much your kids have grown! You're amazing!