Sunday, May 4, 2008

I have had a lot of fun with this latest batch of projects!! I've been breaking in to some new techniques I haven't tried before and some supplies I have had forever, but haven't used, and it has been a lot of fun!!

These cards were for the card challenge at AC Bailey. I had to make three cards that matched but were not the same. I used up some of the Making Memories printed cardstock that I had had for a couple of years and never used, so that was good (Yes, I am very talented at hoarding scrapbook supplies, and I admit it!). I also did a little distressing with white paint around the edges, which was a new technique for me. I loved it so much, I did it again on this next layout!

These two layouts were for the digital hybrid layout challenge. The idea was to create a layout that had both digital aspects and traditional paper scrapbooking aspects to it. I had never done anything more digital than print out journaling for a page, so this was a new one for me, but it was sooo fun! I had to do two pages to experiment with it. I used our Photoshop Elements program to 'dress up' my photos. For the first one I added a sepia torn paper frame to the photo and then added the star graphics in the corner.

On the second page I adjusted the color of the picture so that it was black and white around the edges and color in the middle where her eyes are, since they were the focus of my page. Then I added the flower graphics around the edge of the picture.

I have also finished a super cute fabulous Mother's Day gift, but since it's not Mother's Day yet, I'll have to post it later. Don't want to give away our secret!! It was something I hadn't done before and was a bit of an experiment, but I am sooo happy with how it turned out, so You'll have to watch for that one next week ;)

And this is just a favorite recent picture of me and my adorable kids that are my favorite subjects to scrapbook!! I really wouldn't have much of a hobby with out them because I can't imagine there is anything that is as fun to scrapbook as cute, silly kids! We had spent all morning at the Ranching Heritage Center for their Ranching Day, which was a lot of fun but exhausting, so we came home and crashed on the couch!


beckyjune said...

Such cute stuff, Janelle :) We'll miss having you around this summer, but hopefully you'll keep posting here on your blog. Thanks for sharing your beautiful projects with all of us!

Crystal said...

Good work! I love the cards you did! I am the same way with scrapbook supplies! I save my favorite stickers for just the right page! Were you able to bring along your scrappin' stuff on your "Amarillo Adventure?" I hope so! I love seeing how creative you are!