Monday, June 21, 2010

Makin' Do

First off, I had to start out with some of my favorite pictures from the last month!
This first one is of my parents and my kiddos.
The kids love when Grandma and Grandpa come to town,
and I love this picture that I captured!
My husband was put in the bishopric in our ward of the LDS church, so my parents come down for a very quick trip to spend the special weekend with us!
We are glad they are coming back this week or we wouldn't have been able to let them go again so soon! :)

Second, I was able to go to Utah for a couple of days for my sister's High School Graduation!
(Thanks to my wonderful husband Bryan and my fabulous friend Lisa for making that one possible!)
It was a lot of fun being there for Maren's special day and it was also my dad's first graduation ceremony as principal of the good ol' MCHS...the HS we've all gone it was a special day all around!
I got some fun pictures of the Gradiator all dressed up.
(that's what I called her...kinda like the to conquer the world, you know....okay, I know, really corny...won't be quiting my day job!)

Isn't she cute!?

Exciting times!

On to a little scrappin' goodness......kind of.
See, when I went to that retreat last month, we got this awesome pack of papers, chipboard, rubons, etc. from My Mind's Eye.
Well, I love MME, but.....
I really didn't love this paper:

And of course, my pack had 3 sheets of it! Of all the luck....
so I was determined to use at least one at the retreat and make it look good.
Turns out I ended up using it on the very first layout I made that weekend! What do you think?:

I thought it turned out pretty cute.
Anyway, it was a fun take something I really didn't like and to turn it into something I did like!

Oh, the pictures....
They are of my little G in her favorite shirt. She loves it and every time she wears it she will tell you what it says: "Little Princess with a BIG attitude!" And she says it in a voice that tells you what the shirt says is true!
You know what they say,
If the 'shirt' fits....
:) :) :)

Happy Monday!


Kim Greer said...

Such a cute layout! Nice work! I'm glad I got to see you when you were here for the graduation.

Kiera said...

I'm glad to see you up date. i love what you did with the picture...she is super cute!