Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hello Again.

Just found a couple of projects I thought I would share before my girly-girl and I head out for a quick walk. It is a beautiful day around here today. The sun is almost tricking me into believing that spring is here!
First up is a layout of her third birthday...all girly and princessy and pink...just like her! I'm not very good at the whole "shabby chic" look, this is as close as I get! :) I still have to have my clean lines.

Looking at it now, I think it looks cuter in person. Oh well, I guess I need to find better lighting when I take pictures of my layouts!

I made a couple of these cute cards the other day with my Martha Stewart Butterfly punch and some scraps. I love how simple and yet cute it is! I was hoping to make a set of them for my sister for her far I have made two and her birthday was three weeks ago! I think I am off to a great start for her birthday next year, right!? :0) haha

Have a great day! I hope the sun is shining for you, too!


Katie said...

I love that card! I think I might need that punch! Great layout too!

beckyjune said...

I can't really do the shabby thing, either, but you did great! The card is so cute! A set of those would be a great gift.