Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm back...and we survived!

Well the kiddos and I are back from our road trip to Utah, and I shouldn't just say we survived....we THRIVED! :) The kids were AWESOME in the car, which was much appreciated by this mom! They hardly even whined or argued on the way up, and they kept it to a minimum on the way home. It is always harder on the way home since the excitement level is down considerably. :)

Anyway, we had a great time hanging out with family and doing our fair share of shopping. We also went to see the movie Tangled (so cute!), ate way too much ice cream, had a very fun photo shoot with Grandpa Guymon, and went on a private "field trip" to the Cosmo Cricket offices...very fun! I will have more details of those last two adventures coming up soon!

First I had to share this pic that Bryan and I took with the camera remote while we were on our Seventh Anniversary date! It was so fun. We went to this really cool art museum housed in an old Baptist Church and then out to dinner. Doesn't seem like it could really be 7 years already! Married life has been good to us!

This next picture is of the only creation I have to share as of now, but there are definitely more in the works...coming soon!

This is a headband I made for Grace to wear for the photo shoot with Grandpa. I was inspired by my ever-creative friend, Becky. Turned out cute, don't you think? Yeah....unfortunately it didn't fit her very well and kept sliding into her eyes, so we had to go with the old standby, a pink bow, instead. Hopefully she will grow into it before she grows out of her desire to be frilly and girly! (I hope that never happens...I love the girly princess stage we are in!)

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beckyjune said...

Janelle, I LOVE that headband you made. The girls want me to make some more so I might have to do one of these. The flowers are so fun and I have some Dear Lizzy fabric paper that would be perfect.