Thursday, January 14, 2010

The paper addiction hits again :)

I made the mistake of checking out the Cosmo Cricket and the
My Mind's Eye blogs this morning.
My wallet is really not going to be happy with these two companies!
(It is a good thing I have a birthday coming up!)
I think I will just take one of everything, please! ;)
And I am saying this even after I just ordered some new paper yesterday.
YES, I am a paper addict - PLEASE HELP ME!!
Oh, and I have a couple new layouts to show you soon, so come on back!

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beckyjune said...

Oh boy, do I ever know what you mean. I have been watching the CHA sneaks and have already started to compile a mental list of what I'd like to get and Matt is going to think I'm insane for adding even one more sheet of paper to my ever-growing stash. To make room, I'm getting ready for a flea market at DML so I'll have some extra spending cash :) Oh, and Matt was able to find someone to cover for him on Saturday night so we'll see you then!!