Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back in the swing of things!

Hello Again!!
After two weeks of being out of town on two different vacations,
I am happy to be back to regular, everyday life!
Those vacations were a lot of fun, though -
it is always wonderful to see our extended family and our dear friends!
The other day it actually snowed here! YAY!!!!! And not just any snow, but the big soft pretty flakes that we used to see all the time in Utah. I was so happy! See, usually around here we get the small sleety flakes that just turn into ice on the driveway, so this was a very pleasant surprise!!
It, of course, melted by the next day, but we sure enjoyed seeing it come down!
Here are some pictures of the kids I took while they were out enjoying the snow.

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beckyjune said...

Cute background, Janelle! And, what fun pictures. Some people were moaning and complaining about the snow but I, too, was so excited on Christmas Eve when I looked out and saw that everything was COVERED in snow. We got so much that day and I was so happy- I love Christmas with snow.