Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A week in the life of a blubbery mom :)

So this week my oldest started kindergarten.
I never realized what a blubbery mom I am until now.
I feel like I have been crying since last Saturday. :)
At least on the first day of school I made it back to the car before I burst into tears.
I think that is progress!
Here he is, at his table, just coloring away, practically an old pro.

In front of the school:

In front of the house before we left:

He was so excited, and a little nervous, as he would say.
He started the morning out really excited, and the closer we got to the classroom the more you could see the nervousness on his face!
It was really hard to leave him, but some how Grace and I managed to move ourselves out of the school and to the car.
And now, it's just the norm.
Strange how quickly life can change and move forward isn't it?

And now for a quick layout:
For this layout I used October Afternoon and Cosmo Cricket papers and some Prima flowers.
The pictures are of Grace the day before she turned three. She's beautiful.
See, I told you I'm a blubbery mom!


Kim Greer said...

I think that's just how it is for moms. It does get a little easier as they get bigger, but only a little. :) I love the layout, she is beautiful.

Kiera said...

You are such a great mom! You have two very lucky kids!