Sunday, February 21, 2010

The source of my crafty genes....Altered Items by my Mother!

My mom and I have this kind of reoccurring conversation about crafty abilities that we possess...or don't possess...depending on who you ask. :)
Mom claims she is very uncrafty and thinks I am so "skilled" at this crafty stuff. I would beg to differ on that charge, but I think my mom is very crafty! She oil paints, for goodness sake!
But now I have proof that she is crafty and can make fabulously cute paper crafting items!
Check it out!
Exhibit 1:

Exhibit 2:

My mom sent these to the kids for Valentine's Day - aren't they adorable!?
And she just gets all of these ideas out of her head! Amazing Woman!
And you should have seen what she sent them last year - CUTE little candy boxes made out of paper, complete with cut out cellophane windows that you could see the candy through.
And she always has these cute, incredibly cheesey, lovey dovey one liners on her gifts that only a grandma can get away with . If I said something like that to my kids I would probably get a "yuck, mom!" but when it comes from her, the kiddos just giggle!
LOVE it!

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beckyjune said...

What a cool Grandma! Those are cute. And, I have to agree with your mom that you are quite talented in the crafty department. Sorry, I guess she wins ☺